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Commission options

*This is a hidden page on my website, if you navigate away from this page, please use the link I provided or click "Back" to return. 

Below you will see different style tapestries I have made for my clients, exhibition and collections. If you see the style you like below, please let me know and we can discuss specific sizes and dimensions suited for your space. If you have seen a work on my social media or my website, but it is not listed here, please let me know and I can advise. All tapestries are handmade by me in my home studio. 

Here are some FAQ:

What size tapestry can you make?

~Tapestries can be made to any size you require. 

What is the best way to hang them?

~ It depends what look you prefer. Some of my clients like the 'raw' look. Free hanging tapestry look. In this case, they can be hung with a dowel or simple picture hooks. If you prefer more 'classic' look the tapestry can be mounted on to a stretched canvas. In both cases, when you are ready to hang one of my works I would advise using professional handymen to ensure the best result. 


How long does it take to make a tapestry?

~ It depends on a size and my workload, but normally it would be around one month wait, but we can discuss that when you are ready.  

How do I care for my tapestry?

~ My tapestries can be lightly dusted once a month if needed. If deeper cleaning is necessary due to spillage or soiling, please contact me directly and I will be able to advise further. 

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask them via email to or call 0468890987


While making my works I contemplate about our land and wonder how much more it will change. “Woods” has been devoted to our virgin forests and pristine environments that is home and habitat for many living creatures. You can see the hills and valleys played out on Merino wool and silk in the perfect harmony that resonates with textures in nature.

Materials Used: Australian Merino Wool, hand-spun yarn, cotton, flax, silk, Black diamond Bamboo fibres, Corn fibres.

Can be loose hanging or mounted on canvas.

Rivers of Sky

This collection gives feeling of airiness and vastness. 

Tapestry from this collection can be made to any size. 

Black Billabong

This series tapestries are a striking feature piece in dark charcoal grey bamboo fibre and white silk. 

Tapestries from this collection can be made to any size required. 

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