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Every story has three parts; a beginning, middle and end.

But not every story has three heroines.


This one does.

Rachel portrait.jpg

Rachel McGuigan

Habio Design

Portrait Zetta.jpg

Zetta Kanta

Fibre Artist


Kerri Hollingsworth


Kerri Hollingsworth


Meet furniture designer, Rachel McGuigan of Habio Design ; Kerri Hollingsworth, upholstery artist of an•ti•quate and Zetta Kanta, a fibre artist.

Their story is one of collaboration. One of harnessing individual artistic expertise to produce three sustainably made ottomans that capture the narrative of a fabric’s life.


On the surface, the story promotes an eco-conscious mindset and practical living; beneath is a unified expression of the human journey. The ottomans represent hope, potential, renewal and reinvention of oneself across one’s life and generations.


While the trio each bring a unique style to the project, what binds their differences is their love of art, respect for the environment and a passion for Australian craftsmanship.


As a fibre artist, Zetta works with wool and silk. Her approach abstractly harnesses raw and natural fibres, to create tactile pieces that encourage an emotional response. Her work is underpinned by her philosophy of nurture, mindfulness, and sustainability.


Kerri of an.ti.quate is an upholsterer with an environmentally conscious approach. She’s a magic weaver. By using recycled natural fibre ropes, trim offcuts yarn and twine with traditional upholstery techniques, she creates stunning woven panels that complement Zetta’s and Rachel’s work.


As a designer, Rachel is like the architect of the collaboration. She believes in simplicity and practicality in the home—without compromising on style. Her smart design-work has resulted in a range of ottoman’s that serve as a coffee table with storage that can become a seat or tray. Her seamless work has served as the canvas for the collaboration.


Aside from the ottomans being aesthetically beautiful they also serve as a statement against mass production and unnecessary waste. Form • Fibre • Future is a message to our community that there’s a place for artisans and hand-made craftsmanship. The ottomans remind us that through creative collaboration we can positively impact our environment.


Three creatives in their natural habitat

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