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Stratis Vitae - The Layers of Life

Layers of Night Heaven

Large scale tapestries made by artist in Adelaide region
Natural materials tapestry handmade by artist in australia

Layers of the Wind

Eco sustainable art tapetry handmade for natural home rustic look
Tapestry detai handmade look wall decor rustic and natural environmentally friendly art

Layers of the Nature

Eco dyed tapestry with rosemary rustic home natural living australia
Tapestry for natural home sustainable living art and nature

Summer's Breath

Textured tapestry made in Australia from natural materials
Tapestry texture handmade with wool for modern interiors

Butterfly Blessing

Handmade tapestry made in Melbourne with natural materials

Butterfly Blessing

Wall tapestry wallhanging natural materials wool rustic feel
Natural material tapestry wall decor from natural fibres handmade in Adelaide
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