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‘Dunes’ was a commission piece for a private residence in Philip Island, Melbourne. Wallhanging is 2.5 x 3m drop, handmade from local wool and other raw fibres.  The brief was to ad texture and softness to the stair area both aesthetically and accoustically.

*Interior decor by Green Room Interiors 

My thoughts about the project: Textured wall coverings are a great way to temper a stark environment.

Draping or padding walls with fabric has some fantastic functional purposes such as minimising sound but also has huge aesthetic appeal as feature art … creating a haven in our homes where we can escape the stresses of the world and rejuvenate in an environment that feels safe for us and provides a deep sense of comfort and rest. 


When addressing the issue of depletion of the earth’s natural recourses, we need to look for more sustainable features in the use of textiles and materials that are kind to our environment yet are in pulse with the modern lifestyles we live.


There is a story behind each piece I make––an emotion that I carry and release in the world through this window––to carry the messages of environment, mindfulness and sustainability. Less is more: a cliché, yet, so true.


My works not only carry a statement with visual impact, but also invite a tactile experience that provoke memories from a deeper sub-conscious level, allowing us to reciprocate emotions that are so familiar to us, but lying dormant. 


Futurist and trend setter from Scarlet Opus UK, Victoria Redshaw, in one of her interviews, recently said how life, due to our technological advancements, has sped up to the point where people feel temporary and transient. That can not last for long. 

There is an antidote to this and we find ourselves looking for ways to put the breaks on; looking for things that are more solid, tangible, constant and grounded … a celebration of things that are designed more low-tech and analogue; lovingly made in small batches in a workshop by an artisans. Designers are looking for craftsmanship and stories that go with their pieces. People are looking into their own roots and history, seeking to surround themselves with things that matter and cary a story. 


My works are raw and totally natural. Showing honesty and the wildness of our surroundings in my work is of the utmost important to me. Unpretentiousness, nakedness and fragility is how I feel, yet strength and boldness reflects in my work. 

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