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"Existence came to be out of my need to define the symbiosis in the world unseen by the everyday eye and the consequences of disregarding it. Whatever we don’t see we tend to diminish, but often it is bigger than us. The butterfly effect truly does affect our existence."


Title: 'Existence'

Size: 130x155

Materials: Wool, Silk, Black Diamond Bamboo


Price includes shipping in Australia.

All rights reserved Zetta Kanta ©


  • All materials I use are in raw and natural state, not dyed or harsh chemically treated.

    Shape and size of handmade artwork is irregular. All measurements are approximate. 

    The artwork colours might vary from screen to screen. Utmost care is taken to capture the authentic colours, textures and surfaces. The unique property of silk is a gentle sheen under evening lights or sunshine. If you would like to see more pictures please email me with the request. 


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