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Workshop 1 - Jewellery shell or a treasure pod

Learn to make a beautiful Jewellery shell for your self or someone sweet :) This could also be a little treasure pod or a bigger fruit basket. Made from Australian wool, alpaca, and silk. 

This gorgeous shell will keep your precious items scratch free and minimize the tarnish. 

Workshop 2  - Felted toy. * Cuteness warning - this is not only for kids!

Learn to make a toy or an eco-friendly, sustainable and full with a personlaity, friend out of wool. I will teach you how to make a basic body, add ears and make a cute face that will have everyone smile. Made from Australian wool, alpaca. 

Workshop 3  - Forest tapestry

This workshop is designed to give students an opportunity to participate in a school community weaving and felting exercise. This tactile experience introduces students to a communal project and teaches the skills of weaving and felting, producing one-of-a-kind tapestry with natural materials, that stay with the school for everyone to enjoy. Students will work with handspun ropes and threads, Australian rare breed sheep fleeces. This is a full-day workshop. All materials included.

This workshop is not only for students but also as a community-strengthening excersice.

Workshop 4  - Mayan Spinning

A Mayan blade is a hand spinning tool that's a lot quicker and easier to use than a drop spindle but just as portable. It can be used to ply two yarns together as well as to spin. The Mayan blade is very portable and easy to handle even for children. 

Workshop 5  - Slipper felting

A slipper felting experience is truly remarkable, as it empowers you to make something that will be used and cherished every day. In this workshop, you will have a chance to design and make your dream slippers from wool. 

Workshop 6  - Scribbly gum scarf

In this lesson, we will learn to transfer beautiful textures of iconic Scribbly Gum to a felted softest merino wool scarf by using silk hankies, silk scraps and little lambs curls.  

Workshop 7  - Earth Pigment Painting - Markmaking

Earth pigment has been used for thousands of years to paint and create marks. We will explore Australian earth and how to make a pigment paint out of it and create your own masterpiece.

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