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Exhibition at Melbourne Latvian House, Elwood

Zetta'a exhibition, in one of the quaintest suburbs of Melbourne - Elwood, last weekend, was a smashing success.

There was so much warmth and open heartedness.

We were so pleased that the event was so well attended: gallery owners, designers, and people from the general public came to admire her work.

We just finished today delivering a piece that was purchased from the day and installing it at the private home of an elderly couple who proudly boasted that Zetas pieces completed their collection of all Latvian artists.

I played piano for them and we drank a very nice bottle of champagne together.

So good to see her pieces appreciated and interpreted the way they should.

Many commented on the sense of nature being conveyed.

It was a real pleasure for me to perform Johann Sebastian Bach's cello suite number 1 to such a receptive audience. I also sang a song on the theme of the aboriginal reconciliation week just passed. I was in Cape York performing and missed it so it was a kind of belated reference.

There were some really lovely speeches from Melbourne Latvian organisation director - Anita Andersone, Melbourne Latvian newspaper 'Latvietis' redactor - Ilze Nāgela, Melbourne Latvian Handmakers Club director - Ilze Svarcs, Music performance - Simon York

And here is Zettas speech: "In the world of disposability I was longing for something real for something that has been around through the war and peace times, for something that was making homes of a humble man. Making it warm, cosy, safe. My wish for all of you is inspire you to create, find happiness in what you do and spread it around. The world needs it :) This exhibition has joined together two realms of my life, the past and the future. The past has thought me how to live in the future. Looking back in time and seeing what importance this material played in peoples life I can now reach for the future in confidence that full circle will be compleated and we will start to return to the wisdoms of past."

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