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Stratis Vitae - The Layers of Life - Modern Fiber art Wallhangings

Exhibition " Transience and Imperfection is on display at VMG Melbourne till mid December 2022.

Modern Fiber art Wallhangings will be on the display. Art for grounded natural home from grounded natural materials.

Meet the Artist on premisses:

Where: Venetian Media Group Level 5, 11 Wilson Street South Yarra, VIC 3141

When: 22nd November 2022 from 12 - 1.30pm

What: ~ Artist talk

~ Felting Demonstration

~ Incorporating fibre art in interiors and benefits of it


"The Layers Of Night Heaven"

Abstract textured wallhanging in blue and copper colour.

modern-fiber-art-wallhangings, handmade by Australian artist


"The layers of Wind"

Wall decor from natural materials

Textured wall decor handmade in australia

wallhanging tapestry handmade in australia

textured tapestry by australian fiberartist


"The Layers of Nature"

handmade artwork with texture made in australia

natural Australian landscape artwork

Australian landscape textured artwork


"Butterfly Blessing" - Modern Fiber art Wallhanging

Textured artwork with gold and copper natural materials

How to attach tapestry wallhanging with timber

textured artwork with copper and gold natural materials

wallhanging with natural materials handmade in australia

handmade tapestry textured wallhanging

artwork for a rustic home natural look


"Summer's Breath"

natural rustic artwork handmade

Natural timber frame for fiberart

Fiber art wallhanging

Australian fiber art wallhanging


"Flight Home"

Insect flying artwork natural inspiration

Tasmanian Oak frame artwork tapestry wallhanging

landscape inspired texture artwork painting with wool tapestry

natural fibers silk wool flax andsilk cocoons with gold and copper artwork designs

design piece for a natural home natural wallhanging

Handmade textured artwork in soft textures


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